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A place to communicate from heart to heart.



Let's make a regenerative community together!

A Five Day Program
to Become Community Leaders

GEN-Japan Gaia Youth is an SDGs education program certified by UNESCO. It was developed as a youth version of Gaia Education, which is being held in 55 countries and regions around the world. Gaia Youth will be held in a satoyama forest setting, an important ecological area in the city of Suzuka where the urban eco-village As One Network Suzuka Community resides.

A sustainable society begins with sustainable human relationships.


What kind of a world do we really wish for?

The answer to this may be different with every person... so why not get it out there and explore? Let's find out our deepest wishes through connecting with each other. Are you ready to feel the sensation of the Gaia that we are all a part of?


Feel the earth and learn from the forest at “Satoyama,”

an important ecological area in the city of Suzuka.


Who do you admire? What is the life you want to have? What kind of a community do you want to live in? There is no right answer to how you feel. Let’s listen to each other and explore.


Let’s discover our true inner feelings through games, dialogue, workshops, and being in harmony with the nature that surround us.


Learn the Dynamics
of an Urban Ecovillage

How does an ecovillage exist in the middle of a city? Let’s take a close look into As One Community, one of the rarest cases of a progressive and heart-warming community.

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Draw Out Our
Wildest Dreams

In a world where we hold each other’s hand and are deeply connected, anything is possible. Now is your time to dream outside the box!


Realize the Dreams Through Deep Connection

Manifest to the world what you really desire. The program may end, but the journey will go on. Our bond will connect our ambitions through space and time.

Voices from previous participants

Peace can only begin from within.
There are things that one cannot know or find alone.
That's what people and society were there for.

Dialogue with people.
Just by doing that, the distorted perceptions you have had will change.

Hatred, jealousy, anger.
The feeling that the emotions that had been tormenting me were going away.

Why am I saying these words now?

I don't want to hurt them, but I hurt them.
I don't want to make people sad, but I make them sad.
I have been thinking about my behavior for a long time.

But what I needed was not thinking, but dialogue.
Talking with people, crying, laughing.
That is the only way to find peace.

T.S. ( student / 23 y.o. )

Where was the real me?
What have I been seeing in my life so far?

The way I see the world has changed so much that I wonder. Why was I thinking that I had to do something? Why did I want to fixate myself? Why was I so tied down by money, common sense, or someone else's responsibility? Why was I so driven by fiction and what I saw on the surface, and why did I believe that I was right?

When I was thinking alone, I felt like I was only focusing on my assumptions and the feelings that were on the surface, but being in dialogue with my friends here, I felt like my true feelings were coming out in between the fluctuations. The feelings that I have expressed and thrown into the place are gradually loosened by the words of someone else who accepts them as their own. The boundary between you and I dissolved. There is no longer any need to give up on the uncomfortable feeling and think it is inevitable.

I am so glad that in just five days, I have made friends that made me feel that my life has changed.

I still feel scared to deepen my relationship with people, so I would like to get used to being among you guys little by little.

H.M. ( student / 23y.o. )


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A sustainable society begins with sustainable human relationships. Let us hold hands and unite in peace. Let's realize the love that embodies us through connecting with wildlife. Let's learn about the world and ourselves through deep conversations. You are not alone.

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